Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dietitian and Psych Eval Appointments

I am two-thirds of the way through my checklist of things to do prior to getting the weight loss surgery. Today I saw the dietitian and the psychiatrist.

You know those feelings you get the weekend before you start your diet on Monday? You know the ones that say .. eat everything in the house now. You rationalize this by telling yourself that it will make it easier on yourself to diet because there won't be anything left in the house (except the diet food) when you are on your diet. Well I sort of have those same feelings now. I need to try every single restaurant out there and those I like two or three times before I get the surgery.

I actually went out for lunch and dinner today. Chinese for lunch and cheeseburger for dinner. If you are local and reading this, Jazzy Java has the best cheeseburger special in town. I rationalize this all by saying when I go on my liquid diet I will be saving a ton of money from eating out. Truth is I could be saving a lot of money right now AND losing weight by not eating out.

I learned today that I talk too much. Ok I guess I always knew this. I learned this lesson before when I had a very nice long chat with my divorce attorney's paralegal. I later received a HUGE bill. I had no idea you got charged when talking to the paralegal. Grrrr. You would think I would learn my lesson! Note to self.. if they charge by the minute.. STFU!!

Today I went to see the dietitian who charges by the minute. I could have got out of the appointment within a half an hour but I became Chatty Suzie with Missy Dietitian. Turns out I stayed for a whole hour. And get this.. we didn't even come up with a food plan. I thought you saw a nutritionist to come up with a food plan. Apparently not. The surgeons give you the food plan. So what did we talk about the whole hour you ask? The same stuff I talked about in my online questionnaire. She just basically repeated the questions and wrote down stuff on her notepad. I, of course, expanded on every subject. I basically covered a lot of what I blog about. I guess I just needed to show up so that she could tell the surgeons what the others will be telling them.. I am a good candidate for the weight loss surgery.

Next stop - the psychiatrist. Flat fee!! Yea I can talk as much as I want!! I had a good time. We went over basically the same information that was in the online questionnaire and what I had just talked to the dietitian about. After our little chit chat he had me take two tests. One to test my IQ and the next to see if I heard voices that others couldn't.

After my IQ test, he asked me if I had ever had my IQ tested before. Possibly I said, but I am not sure. He said I tested in the 95 percentile! I said does that mean I am smart?? He said, "Very!" He said he was sure that I knew that already. I told him I was not surprised. Still its nice to have others recognize it!!

I am pretty sure I do not hear voices other do not hear, but who knows. I guess we will find out when he has completed my entire psych evaluation. Maybe I am one of those crazy geniuses!

He did say that I was a good candidate for the weight loss surgery. I wonder if they ever tell someone they are not a good candidate.

He also told me that the Sleeve Gastrectomy was a very very good choice for me. That actually made me feel good too. I didn't get any cool drugs from him, but I did leave his office feeling good.

We are coming to a very busy time of the year. I am taking 4 classes at the college, Micro Economics, Managerial Finance, and upper level English. It is also the beginning of tax season. Seems like a crazy time to have the surgery, but I do not want to put off getting this done. I know I need this tool to implement my weight loss. I know I have a good support system. I am positive I can get it all done.


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  1. It does not surprise me one bit that you scored in the high percentile...:)

    And now would be a perfect time to start this venture of yours...Keeping busy with distraction(not bad ones) should make it all the easier for you to ignore all the not so good aspects of your journey..

    I know you will do GREAT>
    Love Aunnt Brenda