Sunday, February 27, 2011

What a Difference 23 lbs make - before and after shot

My friend Lanora and I have gone to a couple of dances lately. Last night I did not dance as my tummy incision was hurting, but tonight I figured I could dance like a guy .. meaning just stand there and kind of move from foot to foot. I love dancing.

Last night I just wore my same old baggy stretchy jeans and a t-shirt. Tonight as I was getting ready, I thought "Why not try on the black jeans and see how far you have come." I really did not expect them to fit, but at least be a little closer to fitting.

This was my first short-term goal. To fit into these jeans. There is nothing special about the jeans.. they are still very big jeans, BUT they didn't fit me.

So I tried them on ..and imagine my surprise when I actually was able to button and zip them. Holy cow!!

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to have had the sleeve gastrectomy!!

I am posting the after picture first as it shows as the thumbnail when I post this link. And although it may not seem that I have any pride after posting all the embarrassing things I have posted, I still can't bring myself to let the before picture be the thumbnail picture :)

This picture was taken tonight. I pulled the shirt up a bit so you could see they are zipped and buttoned!! Hooray!!

This is the before picture taken February 4, 2011 where the pants had quite a ways to go before I could button or zip them.

It seems I'm also not having any mind games the last few days. I think its because the scale is moving. I am very pleased with how things are going. I appreciate the support and encouragement I receive. It really does mean a lot to me, so if you get a chance I would love for you to post comments.


  1. WOW Dwan, you look great. What a great begining....well I know its not the very begining, but in the begining its crawl, walk and then your off running.

    Keep up the fantastic work your doing.

    Love Aunt Brenda

  2. Great job, Dwan. Wish that I was going to be able to see you on Thursday, but alas I am in New Hampshire, up to my armpits in snow! By next month I probably won't recognize you. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks Bobbi!! I miss New England.. snow and all!! We will miss you at the support group. It will be fun to see people around town who haven't seen me for a while ..i think its easier to see the weight loss that way.. I had no idea i had lost enough inches to fit into those pants.

  4. Remember when I called you cuz I was all excited that I fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes? Nobody else would be excited with me unless they knew why I was so extremely excited. Fitting into clothes feels like a great accomplishment in our family haha.I love you mom:) I think the 22's will be too big by Avery's birthday, I bet I could give you my old jeans by Christmas! That would be so exciting!