Friday, February 4, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes - and a Support Group

Well I am over my pisstivity of my plateau. If you read my last blog, you will know that I was extremely upset about starving my ass off on this liquid protein diet all to not lose any weight for a few days. I knew I needed help so, I went searching through a storage bucket in the bottom of my closet to find the water pills the "fat" doctor gave me a couple of years ago. I knew I needed a boost to help keep me motivated. It worked. I am now down 13.4 lbs!

Another big boost was attending the support group that was started for the bariatric surgery patients or those interested in getting bariatric surgery. In my previous life, I worked for a company that supported troubled teens boarding schools. I was always stressing how important it was for parents to attend the support groups, so they could talk with other parents going through the same thing they were. I know how important support groups are, so I was glad to find one specially for me.

Even though I knew how important a support group was to success, I was still surprised at how much I benefited from going to the support group last night.

I have been setting myself up to cheat this Sunday. Super Bowl party AND my oldest son's birthday is happening at my house. Both are based around good, yummy and fattening food. I have been imagining what I would be having at this gathering. I would order my favorite sandwich from Port o'Subs salami on sourdough bread. Port o'Subs' makes real sourdough bread. Yummy!! Then of course all of those yummy hor' dorves. After drinking all these very sweet protein shakes, the cake isn't as much of a problem for me. I have been warning my kids that I was planning on cheating on Sunday. This was so they would not give me a hard time when the day came. This was a very conscious decision. I rationalized this by telling myself that I have been so good this whole time that cheating this once would not be harmful. Interestingly, it wouldn't have mattered how many people told me not to do it I still would have done it. Attending the support group changed my mind.

The support group had mostly ladies attendants. There were two supportive husbands and a gentleman speaker. There were a variety of post-op times, from one week to over five years. It was great to see other people who have had some of the same issues I am having of being so heavy. I am so thankful that they were so open to talking about their experience. This is what led me to change my mind about cheating. One of the ladies shared how she had to have open surgery because her liver was still too fatty even after following the liquid protein diet for two weeks. She stated that she wished she could have done the diet for longer so that she wouldn't have had to have the open surgery versus the laparoscopy surgery. When I had my tubal ligation years ago, I woke up to have a large incision I was not expecting. I was a very very unhappy camper. There was nothing I could have done in that situation to prevent it, as when they went in they found my ovary enlarged to the size of a softball and needed to remove it. Why would I want to put myself in a situation where I could have made a difference? All because I wanted to indulge for a few minutes of satisfaction. Here I keep telling my oldest son to watch his actions as they could cause him some major grief in the future, and I was thinking of doing the same thing. A great friend of mine used to quote a Jimmy Buffet song when one was making an impulsive decision. "A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling."

So if you have an opportunity to attend a support group, please do. You never know how something as simple as sharing your experience can help a person struggling with their own problems. I was never expecting to receive anything that would help me through this very trying time. I was very surprised as a matter of fact. As I was driving to the meeting, I was very determined to cheat on Sunday. Driving home, I was very determined not to cheat.

It was great to see how successful these ladies where. The group as a whole has lost hundreds of pounds. This really helps to get rid of that little niggling thought at the back of my mind suggesting I will fail at this as I have on all my past diets.

I will succeed. I will fit into my 49ers varsity jacket. Not only will I fit in it will be loose on me. I will feel great and be active!

Thank you ladies for being there!

Here is a picture I didn't post on Facebook :) My niece Jessica, my sister Linda, and me January 6, 2011.


  1. Great description of our support group. Keep on blogging, you will succeed!

  2. How inspiring Dwan. How did you find the group?

    I know you will not cheat; "A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling."

    Love Aunt Brenda

  3. Hi Aunt Brenda,

    The attending the group was part of the patient check list for the surgery. The lady who handles the pre-op class also handles the support group. It was awesome to see other ladies there who have gone through the same thing I have and see their results.

    Love love love you!! Thanks for the support!!